Free computer programs


I thought I would share some freeware programs that I have used for years.

Over time your computer gets filled with remnants of uninstalled programs and I found CCleaner to be  great at removing old registry entries and junk from your computer. I have used it for years with no problems.

For spyware removal , I would recommend Ad Aware or the free beta of Microsoft defender (which I currently use). Microsoft Defender works in the background to keep your computer free of spyware and when it detects a problem you get a message and it automatically removes the offending spyware.

My computer was recently infected with a trojan lop virus and a vundo virus which none of my Antivirus programs detected or was able to remove!  I found a freeware program called Super Antispyware and it easily detected and removed the vundo virus.  If you notice annoying popups on your desktop saying your computer is infected and asking  you to download a program to remove it then your computer is probably infected with a vundo or lop virus.  Use Super Anti-Spyware to remove it.

If you need a free virus software program, I would recommend AVG anti-virus free version which does a great job of detecting viruses and best of all it is free. It does not bog your computer down like other bloated anti-virus programs.

As a web designer I often need to find colors palettes to use in some of my work. ColorPix is a free program that allows you to pick colors from anything on the screen and import them into your graphics, web, or other program. It displays the values in RGB, HEX, HSB, and CMYK. To copy the code just click on the color format your program uses and it puts the color values in your clipboard ready to be pasted.

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