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OK, I’ve had enough of the dire news on the TV, Radio, and Internet lately. The finger pointing and gloomy outlook just create more anxiety and fear.

I try to avoid watching TV, reading the paper and listening to the radio . Even better, I often use meditation CD’s or my mind machine (see earlier posts) to help me escape the constant barrage of bad news.

Now for the good news! I created my first Meditation and relaxation recording/CD that you can use right now instead of turning on the TV or listening  to the radio. Just click the play button below this post.

The 20 minute recording incorporates peaceful music with natural sounds and embedded brainwave entrainment tones. The  binaural tones gently guide your brainwaves to a meditative Alpha state which will help reduce anxiety and relax your mind.

Make sure you use stereo headphones with the program because it won’t work as effectively since the binaural tones are slightly different in each ear.  (For more information about brainwave states and entrainment see my earlier posts)

Also, do not drive or operate machinery while listening to this recording.

Check it out here.  Find a calm relaxing spot, put your headphones on, press the play button and just let go…Press the play button to listen (remember to uses headphones)

Due to increased bandwidth usage, If you want to download this mp3 file to burn a CD or listen in your iPod please donate $1.25 and I will email you a download link to the 20 minute track.[wp_paypal_payment]


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  1. It is kind of you to remind people they have alternative ways of experiencing the physical world. Music is a wonderful means of exploring and awakening the senses. It can evoke peace and tranquility. We always have choices about how to think, feel and live.

  2. Actually, it is more than music because it had embedded brainwave entrainment tones to guide the listener’s brain to an Alpha state. Boosting alpha brain wave activity is a great way to enjoy the feeling of relaxation and helps in learning and creativity.

  3. I added a download link. In windows right click and use “save as” to save it to your hard drive. This is an mp3 file and will play with just about any program like Itunes, or Windows Media Player. You can also put it in your Ipod or other portable music player.

  4. You can download if for free. Just right click on the download link and “save target as” to your hard drive. It is an mp3 file so you can play it on your ipod or burn a cd from it.

  5. my computer is pretty crappy, so i wouldn’t be able to do that right now. but soon, i hope i can get a laptop that i’m sure i’ll be pleased with.

  6. Tony
    I don hear very well from my left ear due to an Otitis.Can this affect my meditation?


  7. i just heard your meditation, and it was better than anything i tried before- osho, TM etc

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