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Single Step Motivational Software

I have been using a notebook journal for the last year for affirmations and goal setting. I also use Louise Hay Power Thought Affirmation Cards that I tape to my bathroom mirror. When I am brushing my teeth in the morning I usually glance at the cards which give me a positive lift before heading off to work.

However, most of my day requires sitting in front of a computer so I started searching for motivation/goal setting software that would help me set my goals and remind me while I was working on the computer.

The first software program I tried is called Single-Step™ motivational software. It is available as a download from their website and has a simple interface. The goal setting process involves entering information about yourself and your goals. You also have the ability to add pictures to help in the visualization process. I followed the setup wizard and entered all the necessary information. This process took about 15 minutes and was somewhat painless.

Once all the information is entered you must perform daily “exercises” to help you reach your goals. Single-Step™ keeps score of the exercises and requires you to set an ending date for achieving your goal. The exercises involve typing your goal everyday, logging your progress toward that goal, viewing images that relate to your goal as well as watching the narrative you created in the setup wizard. Each time you do this you rack up points that are recorded in the software.

The program automatically loads when you start your computer so you won’t forget to do your daily exercises. Single-Step™ motivational software is designed to help you reach your goals through affirmations, visualization and methodical action toward your goals. Overall, I felt the program was very helpful but found the interface confusing when I was not using the wizard. I did like the fact that it keeps a log of your progress and generates reports. You can download a trial version here

The Dream Manifesto

The other program I recently discovered is called The Dream Manifestation Wizard. The interface for entering information is cleaner and easier to use than Single-Step but the program is not as powerful and flexible. I followed the information in the setup wizard which asks you to define your dream. Like Single-Step, you can assign an image with each dream/affirmation/goal you have.

The affirmations slowly dissolve onto your desktop surrounded by a picture frame of your choosing and begins with a gentle gong sound. However, the software does not have any exercises other than reading your affirmations in a pop up window and answering some predefined questions. I liked the fact that you can set your affirmations to pop up at regular intervals and have them stop at a certain hour. Also, you can record a voice affirmation with the visual part and easily change the look of the pop up.

This approach is based on The Law of Attraction which basically says your thoughts and feelings attract opportunities into your life. Consequently, it does not focus on the actual physical actions necessary to achieve your goal but on the the importance of creating the image in your mind and letting the Universe do the rest. However, action is required when the opportunity starts to manifest.

The choice is yours… If you are strong believer in goal setting that requires deadlines and specific actions to achieve your goal, I would recommend Single-Step™ motivational software. However, if you follow “The Secret”, and other New Thought ideas based on the Law of Attraction, I would suggest using The Dream Manifestation Wizard.

The third and cheapest option is to buy a notebook and a pen to write down your goals and affirmations. Just remember whatever you choose, the first step in achieving your goals and dreams is to write them down and review them everyday.


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