Dell Dingbats


Several month ago I found out my Dell laptop computer battery was recalled. Anyway, I checked the serial number on the battery and went to their website to request a replacement. Several weeks later the new battery arrived with a self-addressed return box to send the defective battery back. So, I put the old one in the box and dropped it off in the mail per their instructions. Easy, no problem.. or so I thought.

Yesterday, checking my mail I noticed a letter from Dell that looked like a bill. Lo and behold, it was a bill from Dell for the replacement battery: $69.95 and  payable net 10!! . So here I was, told I had a potentially lethal battery , forced to replace the battery and then informed via this letter I would have to pay for the replacement. 

Needless to say, I got pissed and immediately called Dell customer service. This involved 4 failed attempts and finally a very long wait (20 minutes) before someone answered the phone.

The guy that answered the phone was polite and when I explained the situation he said to disregard the bill as it was not really a bill.(It said Invoice in bold black letters and payable net 10-It was a bill). He put me on hold for 10 minutes and finally returned with a reference number for the call. I politely hung up and realized this situation cost me 30 minutes of my time and increased blood pressure.

Hopefully, this is over with but I have my doubts…. Deep breaths, slow breathing, clear mind. 

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