Spin your problems away


I decided to start getting up early (5:30AM) to take a Spin Class at the YMCA.  Well, I did not know what to expect but I went anyway (change is not easy for me). I stumbled into class half asleep but was quickly awoken by loud rock music and sweaty bodies.  Ignoring the absurdity of it all, I jumped on a free bike and focused on the sinuous instructor as she pedaled her bike and barked the instructions to us… “get up, increase resistance, sit down, stand up..etc..”

Well, by the end of classes I was a sweating pig and I loved every minute. I felt so alive and alert after the class that I decided right then I would do this every day. To hell with the elliptical machine, this spin class rocks!!

UPDATE: 4/16/07. I had to quit the Spin Classes due to damage to my pudendal nerve caused by the bike seats.

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