Natural Blood Pressure Control?


Resperate to lower blood pressureI found product on the Internet called RESPeRATE which is supposed to reduce your blood pressure naturally through controlled breathing. I researched the product and it was approved by the FDA and received good write ups in medical journals.I ordered one from and it arrived today.

The way it works is you strap the breathing sensor onto your upper abdominal area and plug the headphones into the unit. The device has a display with a human figure and arrows that point in and out to represent breathing in and out.

When you first turn on Resperate you will hear a voice telling you to breath normally as it calibrates the unit to your breathing patterns. Once finished, you hear some music as a pleasant voice tells you to breath in and out. The display shows your breaths per minute and when you achieve 10 breaths per minute the machine lets you know you are in the therapeutic zone. At first it is sort of hard to keep up with the system but later into the session it gets easier. The voice also goes away after a short time and you have to breath in and out according to the rise and fall of the music.

You have several choices of music and most of them are pleasant and relaxing. Personally, I like the device because it makes me feel relaxed after I use it for the specified 15 minutes but I am not sure if it will really work to lower blood pressure. Time will tell as the instructions inform you: “results are at hand… be patient” … results occur in 6 to 8 weeks with only 15 minutes a day of use.

I guess I will find out in the next month or so…

They have a money back guarantee so It may be worth trying…

RESPeRATE Duo Blood Pressure Lowering Device


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