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It was my partner’s parents anniversary and they were vacationing in Gatlinburg. We decided to to go to Gatlinburg for the weekend to celebrate with them. The weather was beautiful, slightly cool with clear blues skies and some of the leaves were already changing color.  

We stayed at a hotel called the Gillette, a hotel leftover from the 50’s with decor to match.  The room was OK and the view was great because we had an end room with windows on the side and front. Anyway, we were right in downtown Gatlinburg where all the activity was.

We met his parents for dinner at  a trendy restaurant called Cherokee Grill. The wait was over 2 hours but we managed to whittle away some of that time trying to find a parking space.  I ordered rotisserie chicken, my partner and his father ordered steak and his mother a plate full of ribs. My chicken was excellent being tender and moist with good flavor. However, the steaks were a different story. They were overcooked and not very flavorful- It did not pass the Outback test.

We went horseback riding in the mountains. My horse kept stopping to get quick little grass treats. Going down the mountain made me nervous since the horse kept straying too close to the edge with a drop off that seemed to go on forever. A little nudge with my feet and a slight “click” set him back on track.

On our way home we stopped off at Cherokee to check out the Harrah’s casino and were disappointed. The minimum amount the nickel slot machines would take was $5.00. Needless to say, we didn’t win anything. In Las Vegas, I always wind up winning something on the slots. I guess they didn’t feel the need to draw people into the casino by tempting them with easy win slot machines. This was the only casino in Cherokee.


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