We don’t know where we come from


I recently found out a friend of mine is a recovered crystal meth addict. I was in shock that this seemingly perfect person with two wonderful children could have ever been is such a desperate state. Apparently, he was able to hide his addiction until it began to interfere with his job and life.

What brought him to this? Is this simply an addiction to a drug or is there more below the surface. Upon deeper analysis I found out that like most of us, loneliness and self-hatred are the root causes of this or any destructive addictions. I now realize that we as gay men and women need to reach out to each other in a non-judgmental way and say that who we are is OK and that we are all perfect manifestations of God.

My friend is now helping others overcome their crystal meth addictions.

“Some people walk on water Some people walk on broken glass Some just walk round and round in their dreams Some just keep falling down. So when you see a man who’s broken Pick him up and carry him And when you see a woman who’s broken Put her all into your arms Cause we don’t know where we come from We don’t know what we are.”-Laurie Anderson

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