Tibetan singing bowl and Cd review


In my quest to find decent music for meditation, I discovered a Tibetan Singing Bowl CD.vuveemeditationimageSinging bowls were traditionally used throughout Asia as part of Buddhist and other meditation practices. Today they are used for meditation, relaxation, health care and religious practices.

bowl.jpgThe sound is created by striking the bowl with a mallet or by running the mallet around the outer circumference until it starts to resonate. The resulting sound is very hypnotic and quite beautiful. Apparently, our brain entrains on this sound altering our brainwave states which is basically what hemisync¬©, brainsync¬©, holosync¬© (that’s alot of sync’s!!) do with synthesizers.

I warmed my amplifier up (vacuum tube amp) and pressed play on the Cd player. Suddenly, this beautiful golden sound drifted out of my speakers and immediately had a soothing effect. I sat there for a half an hour totally mesmerized by the harmonically rich resonant sounds.

That’s when I decided I had to get a real Tibetan Signing bowl. Off to the World Wide Web and Ebay I went. In my search, I learned there are basically two types of bowls available: antique and expensive and newer and less expensive.

I went to Himalayanbowls.com which has videos and sound files. All their authentic antique bowls had a long lasting rich sound but unfortunately the prices were to rich for me.

I then went to Ebay and found Silver Sky antiques which imports bowls from Tibet. They had many reasonable priced bowls with sound files. Admittedly, none of the bowls sounded as harmonically rich as the antique bowls but I decided I would try one anyway. I wound up winning a XXL HEALING GRADE OLD D CHAKRA TIBETAN SINGING BOWL.

Three day later it came in the mail and I excitedly unpacked the large box. I began by hitting the bowl with the leather covered mallet, then I ran the mallet around the outer rim and the bowl began emitting a beautiful low growl which had a very calming hypnotic effect like the CD. To my amazement the bowl kept ringing for about 1 minute after it was struck.

When my partner came home from work he saw the bowl and started playing with it like a little kid. Within a few minutes he came to me saying he really liked it and thought his daughter who has ADD might enjoy it. I told him it may help her focus because it seems helps me relax and clear my “monkey mind”.

If your looking for something to add to your meditation arsenal.

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