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My mother was in town for the week and I decided to take her to a Quantum Touch Healing Circle at Unity Church in Charlotte. My mom is no newcomer to alternative therapy/thinking and is a Silva Method graduate. We arrived a little late and the room was almost full. There were about twenty people seated in chairs arranged in a circle.

The two head practitioners explained (sort of) what Quantum Touch was all about:

Channeling of energy from the practitioner to the patient through intentional thought, and breathing techniques. This raises the vibrational energy of the practitioner,which in turn, raises it in the patient promoting the healing process. It was made clear that the practitioner does not do any healing and that all the healing is self-healing.

The “Quantum” in Quantum touch comes from Quantum Theory. Quantum theory states that all of reality is made up of energy fields and that over 99% of the universe is simply space. The practitioners speculate that they are breaking up blocked energy fields (chakras?) in the patients.. (Not sure I understand)

In order to determine who would get treatment first, we were asked if anyone was in pain and several people including myself raised our hands. My practitioner was a middle aged man who looked like an engineer or chemist, coming across very practical and serious. I explained my problem to him and he put his hands under my hamstring area, closed his eyes,and began breathing heavily. He performed Quantum touch for about an hour and I felt sorry for him because he had to keep his hands propped under my leg the whole time.

So did it work? Sort of. I seemed to feel less pain in my hamstring and I mentally felt better. Would I do it again? Yes, I would try it at least three times before determining its effectiveness. Do you have to believe it works for it to work? Not according to the practitioners. In the end, I was grateful for the practitioners time and effort.

My mom did not wish to be worked on but ended up meeting a lady who was in the same Silva method class she took over 15 years ago! Talking about Synchronicity.

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  1. I stopped by your blog to see who else was journaling personal growth experiences and how they wrote about them. I was laughing out loud reading the article on Spongebob! I have long thoght Spongebob was a wonderful moral tool. He always has a kind and helping heart….even though, like us, he get mislead sometimes!
    Keep writing!


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