The Center for Positive Living Charlotte


Looking to explore my place in this world further, I decided to attend a Religious Science meeting. I stumbled upon  the local website of The Center for Positive Living and read up on Religious Science.

Apparently, there is no connection to Scientology . This belief system  is based on the writings of  Ernest Holmes and his book Science of Mind. It’s sort of a melting pot of Christianity, Buddhism, and several other new thought concepts. The basic idea is that we are all manifestations of God and through what they call “treatments ” we can connect to our source and live a positive, happier life. This all sounded good to me as long it was not some kind of weird cult. Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to attend their weekly Science of Mind 101 class.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a warm, friendly woman who was one of the facilitators.  She asked me to have a seat in the large room where there were about 20 people sitting in a circle. The class began with me being introduced as a “newbie” and everyone greeting me with a smile.  Everyone seemed normal (whatever that means) and came from many different professions.

After a brief meditation, The teacher asked anyone to share their positive experiences with Science of Mind. Many of participants experiences were thoughtful and honest with no BS mystical stuff and I could easily relate to some of their problems.

For me, I hoped to learn how to change my critical and negative thought patterns which has manifested itself in isolation, depression, fear , anxiety and ultimately high blood pressure. Some of the participants assured me that If I practiced the Science of Mind and performed daily affirmations/meditations I could eventually overcome these negative ingrained thought patterns… We’ll see… Anyway I like their motto Change your mind, Change your life…

I decided to buy the book “Science of Mind” and will continue to attend the weekly classes. My first task is to repeat an treatment to help someone else overcome their problems..

Now I have to see if I can get my partner to attend.

UPDATE: 3/1/2011:  The center for positive living has moved and changed names to Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte.

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