Maya the Malamute


After our malamutation experience, my partner and I decided to look for a reputable breeder in Alaskan Malamute breeder in NC. We decided on a breeder in Lexington, NC called “Yount’s Malamutes” . We drove about 60 miles to a somewhat rural area in Lexington ( I really wanted to eat some of the area’s famous barbecue). When we arrived, I noticed five pens with various sized Malamute’s. A teenager greeted us and proceeded to show us the various pups that were available. All of them were cute and I held one of the gray and white female pups. She immediately clung to my chest and I could feel her warmth through my shirt. I felt relaxed and at peace holding the sweet little puppy…. then she started looking hungrily at my nipples.

vuveemeditationimageAnyway,  we decided on a white and grey mask pup from the smaller and calmer mom and dad. We put a deposit down on the pup and were told it would be six weeks before we could pick her up since she was still too young.

An older man arrived in his car and introduced himself as the breeder and explained that all his dogs are descended from champion dog-pulling blood lines with 26 years of records to prove their origin. He was very knowlegable about the breed and his dogs and I could see he really loved breeding them. This was no puppy mill.

After we returned home, my partner called his daughter to tell her we just purchased a pup and she named the dog “Maya”.

So we are anxious awaiting the arrival of Maya and hope to have many years of good experiences…

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