20 minute preview of the Secret


For those of you who have not seen “The Secret”, it is a very empowering movie that focuses on the idea that our minds create our reality in the physical world. .. or as they say in the movie “thoughts are things“.  “The Secret” focuses on the “Law of Attraction” which says that what we think about effects our emotions, which in turn effects what we attract to us.

If you are negative you will attract more negative events to you, but if you generate feelings of joy and gratitude, you will attract positive events and things in your life.

Easier said than done… However, watch the movie several times until it “sinks in” If anything, it has helped me learn to take responsibility for my own thoughts and actions. . . and that’s not a bad thing.
You can buy the Secret book or DVD at the vuvee.com online store.

Here is a 20 minute preview of the “The Secret” :

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