Meditation Society


meditation.thumbnail.jpgScouring the Internet for resources on meditation, I found this site It is a free site that promotes the virtues of meditation and includes many different modalities.  A great resource for beginners or even someone more experienced. You can print their free newsletter to get an idea of the different types of meditation.

I actually had someone tell me that meditation was not Christian and that it involved praying to Buddha or some god. This is an outright lie perpetuated by ignorant people. When you meditate you are clearing your mind of everyday junk .

You can choose to meditate on anything you want or even total emptiness.  If you are Christian, a good meditation might be to focus on some of the teachings of Jesus, or a line from the bible. Anything that helps your mind stop it’s internal chatter will help. Some people repeat the word “one” or “love”  in their heads. Others might visualize a tropical island, or even heaven. Don’t let others scare you from finding inner peace…

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