Musical Toning Circle Experience


Last night I attended a “Toning Circle” at the Center for Positive Living in Charlotte. The instructor was Lauren Powell and she travels around the country to New Thought churches teaching people to heal through music vocalization.

The class was well attended with over 20 people sitting in the usual circle. In front of every other person were quartz singing bowls and freenote xylophones of various sizes. Lauren explained that our own voices and the music we create have healing properties that can eliminate toxic emotions. She instructed us on how to produce mellifluous sounds by breathing properly and keeping our throats open (not easy).

thankyoucrystal.jpgShe brought up the Japanese study on water crystals by Dr. Masaru Emoto and how their shapes were affected by the intentions and feelings of the people in the room at the time. Apparently, negative thoughts produce ugly shaped water crystals that resemble diseased cells and positive thoughts produce beautiful structured water crystals.  Anyway, By singing and playing music we create positive feelings that may actually alter our cellular structure (we are 70% water anyway).

She asked three people to sit in the center of the room with two words that they wanted the group to sing back to them. For instance, some people chose their name and a positive word like “John” and “Love”. We proceeded to play the singing bowls, and Freenotes while vocalizing those words towards the people being “treated”. Everyone seemed to feel good after we sang for them.

Unfortunately, I had an to leave before my vocal treatment so I can’t report on that experience. Maybe next time. However, I did feel better helping others feel good. You can get info at Lauren’s web site

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