Living in the moment


Bird on a wireAs I was walking around my neighborhood my mind kept wandering to every problem in my life. This was supposed to be a relaxing walk with my dog but I anxiously kept thinking about tasks I needed to do.

I then glanced up and noticed a plump little bird sitting on a telephone wire happily chirping away. I thought to myself how nice it must be to live in the moment and be free from worries and fears. People who believe in reincarnation say that to come back as a lower life form is not desirable.

However, I can’t help but wonder who really winds up suffering more, we as humans or the bird contentedly singing. In the rush of our everyday lives we forget that all we really have is this moment right here, right now and we need to live every second with complete bliss and abandon like the little bird on a wire. Freedom comes when we live without regret or worry for the future.… I just wish I could figure out a way to snuggle with the bird.

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