Five Guys Hamburgers


Vegetarian Warning: DO NOT READ.

Anyone living in Charlotte for longer than ten years probably still remembers Spoon’s restaurant and their juicy hamburgers. Of course, I can’t eat food like that very often but when I do I usually just grill a hamburger at home.

I recently found a place called Five Guys in Concord (they have 4 locations in Charlotte) that serve hamburgers, which according to their placard covered window, are rated highly by Zagat.

So in I went… the utilitarian interior was nothing to write home about with magazine reviews posted all over the walls. I thought this place better be good considering how much positive press they have received.

I ordered a regular hamburger with all the toppings but without the fries (which looked very good)… I waited about 5 minutes and they called my number. I was surprised to get a generous burger with two patties . This was no prissy burger.

My hamburger was juicy and had a nice beef flavor that had me smiling from ear to ear. This was the reincarnation of the Spoon’s hamburger. This time it came back a little better. That’s what good Karma does.

My new somewhat close to home favorite greasy hamburger place.

UPDATE:2/15/07  I recently tried an order of their small fries. The order came in a oil soaked lunch bag  with more than enough fries for two people. The french fries were crispy but had a slightly bitter flavor (could have been overcooked/burnt oil).  Overall, I would recommend the fries only if you share them with another person.

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