Dr. Deborah King Seminar


Several weeks ago I went to Unity Church in Charlotte to attend a seminar by Dr. Deborah King. Most of the events I frequent are usually not well attended but when I arrived I was shocked to see the crowd of people.

From the press material that was handed out: Dr King was an attorney and hotel developer (go figure) diagnosed with cancer. She decided to take her health in her own hands and began a journey into alternative healing modalities. Eventually she cured herself through energy healing and decided to help others do likewise. Her book is called Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You. In the book she talks about the relationship between the suppression of painful emotions and the impact on health and the human body.

It all sounded good and I sat in the audience patiently awaiting her speech. A stylish, middle aged woman gracefully entered the room ( I recall thinking that I liked her outfit-not too granola or glam) and introduced herself as Dr. Deborah King. She gave a brief rundown on her life history and then asked if anyone wished to receive a “treatment”. I was expecting her to give a lecture on her new book but instead was surprised to find that she intended to do energy healing on people in the audience

Which she did…

One elderly woman stumbled up the podium steps and explained her problem (I think it was Diabetes and maybe Arthritis). Deborah approached the lady and began breathing heavily. She then moved her hands over the areas she felt were being blocked. This lasted for about five minutes followed by a brief explanation of what she had actually done. It was interesting to see the faces of the “patients” as they appeared grateful and pleased with the experience. Much of her actions seemed to be chakra clearing though I was not sure of the healing modality she was using…

I can’t actually say I saw anyone jump up and say “I’m healed” but the experience was interesting and I will probably buy her book… I just wish I had bought one at the event so she could autograph it.

Anyway, time well spent .


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