Break on through to the other side.


vuveemeditationimageWell, I committed myself to a two month journey of self discovery and transformation called the Breakthrough Performance Workshop. The workshop is taught by a husband and wife team from California now residing in Charlotte, NC. The basis of the workshop is to use your voice to help overcome limitations and fears

I originally attended their weekend workshop which culminated with me singing in a live band in front of a small group of people. It was quite transformative but I felt I needed to push myself further by signing up for their 2 month workshop which ends with a live performance in front of a couple of HUNDRED people.  (Yikes!!.. what have i got my self into!!)

As I am writing this, I am week six into the workshop.  We meet every Thursday for practice and are assigned a new song each week until our group (8 people) and myself decide on a final song.

The point of this workshop is not to become a pop star or even become a great singer but to express yourself through music. Though they do include breathing exercises and techniques for singing better, the focus is on your personal interpretation and expression of the song.

Doing the weekly practice has made me feel more confident and I find myself more likely to speak up instead of shying away from a conversation.   Also, the workshop has helped me acknowledge and accept my vulnerabilities instead trying to hide them.

Last night my partner wanted me to sing for him (Gasp!).  Before attending the workshop, I would never have even considered the idea but I just went ahead and started singing my heart out. After I finished, I asked him to sing a song to me. At first he hesitated out of fear, but eventually he started singing.

As he was singing, I felt a closeness in our relationship that I had not felt in years. By revealing our vulnerabilities to each other we were able to tear down years of protective walls that kept us from fully experiencing our relationship.

As the final performance day approaches (Nov 2) I am feeling some anxiety but am also feeling a sense of calm and excitement that I have never felt before.

For those interested in attending the final performance you can get tickets online at

Here is a video from their website:

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