Abraham Hicks Study Group Experience


Last week I attended an Abraham Hicks study group which was based on their book “Ask and it is Given” and “The Law of Attraction” . The group had about fifteen people and we sampled scenes from their movie “The Secret behind the Secret” by Ester and Jerry Hicks.

Apparently the original version of “The Secret” had Ester Hicks in it but was later edited to remove her portions. The basic premise of this couple’s work revolves around a visitation by a spirit called “Abraham” who revealed mucho information about us as humans and how we can change our lives by altering our emotions and thoughts.

As I said earlier, the class focused on movie “The Secret Behind the Secret” which further expounds some of the ideas that were touched upon in “The Secret”; in particular, the law of attraction and how to manifest what you want by altering how you feel at any given moment.

We began the class by singing a “feel good song” (Gasp!!). I resisted at first but finally joined in with the group and after a couple of minutes found myself smiling and actually feeling good-Silly how simple things work so well. Anyway, we proceeded to watch parts of the movie and discuss them.

After watching the part on manifesting things, our teacher (Sharon Powers) told us to close our eyes and envision something that we want in our head for at least 68 seconds. I saw the picture of a Red Gerber daisy.We were then told to release our desire to the universe.

One of the most important things taught in the class was the need to move from the low end of the emotional scale (Fear)to a higher level such as Joy and Love. The importance of feeling good was emphasized because that is what brings equally good things to us (law of attraction).

Anyway, I left the class feeling good and certainly was glad I went. (They have classes every two weeks at the Center for Positive Living in Charlotte).

The next day I was online looking for some help on a injury I sustained and accidentally came upon a website selling a product that might help me. I was about to leave the site when I saw a picture of a Gerber daisy next to the product!! I thought this might be a sign and ordered the product. I have not received it yet, but if it works then Ester Hicks/Abraham has definitely made me a believer in the Law of Attraction.

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