General Program Buddhist Meditation Classes


Vajradhara Meditation Center

General Program Classes Mondays  2009
Drop-in Classes on Mondays at 7:00-8:30 pm.
Location: Atherton Lofts #1092 108 South Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28203

You can drop in at any time in the series. There is no requirement to sign up for the whole or part of the series.

These classes are intended to help you develop positive ways of thinking that you can take with you into your daily life, and enable you to find happiness within your own mind. If you apply the meditations and ways of thinking that you learn in these classes you may expect to find that your life will become more peaceful, your relationships with others at home and at work will improve and your daily stress and anguish will diminish. You may find yourself smiling more often. You will be able to develop your own beautiful life, and gradually help others to do the same.

Meditation Charlotte

Cost is $10. $5 for seniors and students

Program for 2009

Monday’s at 7pmweek #Topic
Meditation in Everyday Life
Jan 1215The Essence of Meditation
Jan 1916Improving Your Mind
Jan 2617Developing Concentration
Jan 30-Feb 1 South East US Dharma Celebration Sarasota
Healing the Mind
Feb 218Meditating on Patience
Feb 919Overcoming Anger
Feb 1620Overcoming Attachment and Obsession
Feb 2321Overcoming Jealousy
Solving Problems with Wisdom
Mar 222All Things are Impermanent
Mar 923Everything is Dependent
Mar 1624What is Emptiness?
Mar 2325Wisdom in Daily Life
Mar 3026Reducing Selfishness
Transforming Difficulties into Opportunities
Apr 6 27Using Patience
Apr 1328Using Love and Compassion
Apr 2029Using Wisdom
Apr 23-26US Festival, Kadampa Meditation Center NY. Glen Spey NY
Applying Force and Energy
Apr 27 30Motivation, Familiarity and Merit
May 431Removing Obstacles and Making Prayers
Finding Freedom
May 1132Suffering and its Causes
May 1833Wisdom in Daily Life
May 22-25NKT-IKBU International Spring Festival, Cumbria UK
Meditating on the Mind
Jun 135The Nature and Function of the Mind
Jun 836Meditating on the Subtle Mind
Jun 1537Developing Reliance

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