My country invaded Iraq and all I got was expensive gas


Recently, trapped in five o’clock Charlotte traffic I found myself behind a car with the bumper sticker that read “My country invaded Iraq and all I got was expensive gas”.  I chuckled at first and then began to think how many people’s lives have been lost to the Iraqi war.

Here we are complaining about gas prices (which still aren’t that bad compared to the rest of the world) while innocent civilians and soldiers are being killed and maimed in the name of freedom.

Right now we all need to appreciate what we have, stop our whining , and do something nice for someone less fortunate or more fortunate… anyone.  The actions we do to help others are additive, addictive, and contagious and will eventually change the world.

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  1. The point of that Iraq bumper sticker was to exercise sarcasm and to point the finger at the government, who invaded Iraq mostly for the oil and partly for the control. I know this because I am the sticker’s author.

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