I got a call on Saturday from my Dad saying my mother was in the hospital for heart failure. Apparently, fluid was building up in her body because her heart was not pumping correctly. I asked to speak to her and she sounded weak but in good spirits.

My mom has lived with an artificial heart valve for years and has always been adventurous and outgoing, never stopping to worry about her health problems. She works out at the gym and is a  member of the Red Hat Society. I went to see her the next day and she looked good. The Doctor informed us she would be out in three days and they would have to increase her medication.

My mom is an example of how people should live their lives. She is an explorer of both spirit and mind never afraid to seek information from non-traditional sources. (She is a Silva method graduate).

I love her and know she will recover fully and resume her path of self-discovery and selfless giving to others. I think if I could be a more like her I would be a happier person..

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