Love your neighbor


This Sunday I attended a Healing Circle at the Center for Positive Living in Charlotte. The healing circle involves several people using their gifts (Reiki, Quantum Touch, etc) to heal others. I enjoyed the healing and actually felt better but what really left a lasting impression was the meditation afterward.

We paired off and held our hand near our partner’s heart and sent the intention of love to the person sitting across from us. Essentially, we Love your neighborrepeated and meditated “I love you” in our heads and directed this thought to the other person. After the meditation, I immediately felt a deeper connection to this total stranger. It later occured to me that if we could practice this meditation toward everyone we meet, we might be able to change the world…

Ok, maybe I am being overly idealistic but…

That night I went home and sat with my partner and we repeated this meditation and afterwards we both felt closer to other than we have in the last couple of years.

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