Let there be light.


Last year I had the opportunity to visit the Light Center in Black Mountain, NC. Getting there involved going off the beaten path but the signs were clear and I enjoyed driving through the scenic countryside.

“The Light Center was created as a place where people could come to pray and meditate anytime, any day of the year. It is dedicated to prayer for personal and planetary transformation.” – Light Center website

The Light Center is an unusual building with a windowed Geodesic domed roof. I arrived with my friend and we took a couple of minutes to admire the exterior.

Upon entering, we were greeted by the host and asked if we wanted to experience the Light Room. We nodded in agreement and entered a smallish circular room with colored lights around the upper circumference of the room.

According to the Light Center: “The frequency of color brings about balance and harmony in the physical body. This enables the individual to concentrate on prayer and meditation.”

vuveemeditationimageThe room had about 10 reddish-orange seats that looked like they were designed for a sci-fi movie. The host gently shut the door and a few seconds later some ethereal synthesized music (composed by Richard Shulman) drifted from the speakers followed by the lights changing colors. The program lasted about 30 minutes with the synchronized music and lights cycling through the colors of the rainbow.

Initially, I was a little disappointed as I was expecting a giant Mind Machine with flickering lights (see Earlier Post).
However, I just closed my eyes and drifted into the moment. I can’t say it was life changing but it was very peaceful and relaxing.

vuveemeditationimageNext, we ascended a small winding staircase which opened into a purple carpeted room with a Geodesic roof. It was very quiet with dapples of sunlight hitting the the floor. We rested for half an hour enjoying the silence and then casually made our way to the Labyrinth outside.

Essentially, the The Labyrinth is used as a meditative tool where you follow the path to the center and then follow it back to the entrance.

vuveemeditationimageWalking the turning path helps keep your focus in the present moment thus quieting your mind.I walked it a couple of times and almost forgot about the outside world until the chatter in my head took over.

We ended our visit with a peaceful stroll around a secluded pond. I can pretty much guarantee that if you come here feeling stressed and anxious you will leave in a calmer, peaceful state. I know I left feeling relaxed and little happier for the experience.

From the Light Center Website: “The Light Center welcomes everyone. There is no membership, and there are no dues or requirements as to creed, doctrines, or religious preference. It exists to serve all – no matter what your background, no matter what your beliefs”

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