Koishi Charlotte


A new sushi restaurant called Koishi (formerly named Koi) opened up near my house a year ago. A run down Pizza Hut was transformed into a somewhat stylish Sushi and Asian restaurant. Having driven by Koishi for months, I decided to stop in for dinner. I like sushi but that night decided to order one of their standard Chinese dishes: beef and broccoli.

I was pleasantly surprised as this beef an broccoli was no run of the mill Chinese dish. For $8.95, The beef was succulent and flavorful with a nice brown sauce that was not too salty or oily. The broccoli was crisp and fresh looking with excellent flavor. I have since been back many times for that dish and others. I still have not tried their sushi though.

bunny.jpgMy favorite, reasonably priced, close to home restaurant.

UPDATE: I recently tried their sushi rolls. The fish was very fresh with good flavor.  The veggies in the roll were crisp and it all came together to make a pleasant tasting sushi roll. 

The day before Easter, I had dinner at Koishi and in a half joking way asked Kramer (the waiter) for an Easter basket doggie bag. He returned a few minutes later with a hand made bunny rabbit doggie bag!! (see image to  left). Now that is customer service.

If you want the best service ask for Kramer or Van , super friendly, customer oriented people.

Koishi Charlotte
120 N Sharon Amity Rd
Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 442-9886

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