Is SpongeBob Enlightened?


The other day I was watching Sponge Bob Square Pants (don’t ask, my partner loves the show) and in this episode Plankton (evil plankton) is trying to get Sponge Bob to “toughen up” by training him to be inconsiderate and mean to others. However, as hard as Sponge Bob tries, all his actions end up helping others.

Eventually Plankton gives up in frustration at his failed teachings. Apparently, Sponge Bob can do no harm to others. It is in his nature to help everyone feel good. These are the traits of an enlightened being.

As hard as it is to fathom, we are all connected and our actions affect others in both small and large ways creating a ripple effect that continues on.

I have decided that the next time I encounter an angry situation, I will change my reaction to understanding instead of anger and focus on how I can help that person find happiness (at least in that moment).

may everyone be happy,
may everyone be free from misery
may no one ever be separated from their happiness
may everyone have equanimity, free from hatred and attachment.
-Buddhist Prayer

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