Invisible Mind Fence


jackdog_1.jpgI usually let my Alaskan Malamute walk me when I get home from work and we always pass a house that has an Invisible Fence. There are three plump Jack Russell Terriers that have collars with big boxes around their tiny necks. Apparently, if the dogs walk past a certain area they either get a warning beep and possibly a small shock. Not sure which comes first.

Anyway, there is nothing visibly stopping them from running away except for the possibility of getting shocked. As I approached with my dog, their plump little bodies perked up and they frantically charged us barking and twitching with excitement. However, as they approached the “forbidden zone”, you could hear a little beep coming from their collar and suddenly, they just stopped in their tracks.

This got me to thinking (god forbid) that many people (including myself) create invisible fences in our minds that stop us from growing. We are so scared of the possibility of pain involved with making changes in our lives that we never cross the barrier to freedom.

We continue to live in the status quo which keeps us in prison behind a mental fence. However, the pain involved in change is short lived and once you get past that threshold you are suddenly free to create the life you really want.

I can hear a loud beeping in my head….


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