Brainwave Entrainment and Neuro-Programmer 2


Many years ago, I took a class on Out of body experiences (OBE) and Near Death Experiences.  In that class we learned about Bob Monroe, and visited his research foundation into OBE’s.  I actually had the good fortune of meeting Bob Monroe in person and spent the day at his foundation in Virginia.  

He believed that his tapes could induce out of body experiences with the use of binaural beat tones. He came up with something called Hemi-sync that involves hearing slightly different frequency tones in each ear with the difference in the tone frequencies being created in the brain. This difference was supposed to entrain you mind and alter your brainwave patterns(Beta, Alpha, Theta, or Delta) which could be measured on a EEG machine.

Anyway, to make a long story short, they soon learned this technique could be used to lower stress, anxiety, and even induce a meditative state.  Rather then buying the CD’s on the internet for each issue, I decided to find a program that could generate the tones.

I came across a program called the Neuro-Programmer 2 that generates the audio tones necessary to alter your brainwave state. I just started using the high blood pressure preset which definitely makes me feel very relaxed and even groggy after I listen to it for 30 minutes.

I think I am addicted to the feeling it generates. The sound is a slow droning sweep punctuated by some other low level drones. It sounds kind of creepy at first but once you learn to let get go, it totally brings you into a very relaxed state. Whether or not this will help with blood pressure remains to be seen over the next several weeks.


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