I recently attended a free Harmonic Wealth© conference in Charlotte, NC hosted by James Ray of “The Secret” fame.

I arrived a little early to avoid the lines and crowds. When I arrived I was inundated by loud, annoying music and a toasty conference room full of chattering people.

I did not know what to expect and was curious to hear one of the “stars” from “The Secret”.  My initial impressions were not good ( I tend to be pessimistic) and was ready to leave as soon as I walked in.

There were sign-up forms on all the chairs with an area for your credit card information. I could tell they were serious about getting people to commit to their weekend courses, Cd’s and videos.

James Ray finally came out after a brief bio by one of his staff. His credentials were impressive but that’s not why I came. I immediately thought that this was going to be a high pressure sales seminar masquerading as a motivational talk.

However, he surprised me by asking each of us to find someone in the room we did not know. We were then told to introduce ourselves as though we were good friends… which I did reluctantly…

He then told us to repeat it two more times with another person, each time with more energy and enthusiasm. This was a great way to break the ice and make us feel more connected to one another.

While maintaining a sense of humor, he proceeded to tell us about his past. After a while, he asked us if we were ready to break free of our past limitations and asked those who were ready to raise their hands. He then directed us to the financial forms on the chairs and dared us to fill out the credit card information. This felt a little too high pressure, though I could see his point about taking action to make changes in your life.

Halfway through the event he talked about the need to develop a spiritual side instead of just focusing on money and wealth which I thought was a good counterpoint to the materialistic focus that “The Secret” seems to attract.

In essence,  James Ray is a “cheerleader” who aggregates many different ideas from Buddhism, Christianity, Religious Science, and Holistic health, packaging it in a neat, easy to follow program called Harmonic Wealth©.

The best part of the seminar occurred at the end.

James asked us to write down three of our goals/desires and to read them to someone in the audience that we had not already met. I felt a tap on my shoulder and a conservative looking woman introduced herself and began reading her list of desires.  When I earnestly told her that I believed she would achieve those goal her eyes teared up.  This was very powerful and empowering act that I think made the whole conference worthwhile.

In the end, I did not sign up for any classes or Cd’s. However, I did come to have an better understanding of the Harmonic Wealth© process.  Overall, I was appreciative of the free seminar and felt it was particularly well suited to those never exposed to New Thought ideas rather than people who already follow many of these practices. 

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  1. We feel the same about high pressure sales pitches in seminars. Good that you stayed to get the powerful connection at the end, you obviously made a difference in that conservative woman’s life. Way to go!


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