Appreciate what you have


Where I work the only parking spaces available are under a canopy of trees. This usually means my car is covered with bird poop and leaves by the end of the day. Every time I head toward the parking lot, I get a little more annoyed at the trees wishing someone would cut them down.

Appreciate what you haveOne day as was walking to my car, I looked at the ground and noticed there were pecans everywhere. The trees that I have been pissed at for the last 4 months were actually pecan trees. I snatched a handful of the pecans from the ground and ate them with my lunch that day.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that the trees that had so annoyed me were¬†providing me with a a delicious pecan treat. (I love pecans). So now when I leave work, instead of focusing on the mess the trees¬†deposits on my car I think about what the trees have given to me and feel a sense of appreciation and gratitude…

…This might not work if you don’t like pecans.

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