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On my journey to capture a ray of spiritual awareness, I decided to visit some gay affirming churches in Charlotte, NC. I emailed most of them before I went. All of the churches responded positively and invited me to attend one of their services. Here is a quick breakdown with comments.

MCC Church- Very friendly, we were greeted after the service with hugs. Most of the congregation are Gay. Casual attire. Nice service.

Wedgewood Baptist Church-  Larger church, decent service, and the preacher came up to us after the service and introduced himself.

Myers Park Baptist Church- Very beautiful church with very large congregation. Service was OK. Most people were dressed in suits and ties. Easy to feel anonymous due to the size of the congregation.

Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte- A medium sized Religious Science church with positive, friendly people looking to change their lives and the lives of others through the teachings of Science of Mind. Great music, Indian flutes. Very touchy-feely emotional services.  My favorite so far. The ministers are a lesbians.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte-  Very nice building, services tended to be very cerebral and lacking emotional impact. However, the congregation was very friendly and inviting and seemed to do a lot for the community including RAIN and other organizations . The minister was also very kind and took time to meet with me and my partner.  I will probably go back to try out another service.

Unity Church Charlotte- I attended an EFT class at this church. The building is new and the people were very friendly, but I have not been to a Sunday service. Very similiar approach to Religious Science but with more focus on the  teachings of Jesus as a spirtual leader. Never responded to my email asking about their stance on gays and lesbians.

Center of Light Charlotte-  a Christian Mystic church. After  their positive response to my email asking about their stance on gays, I attended one of their Sunday services. The congregation is small (10) and they incorporate communion and some Catholic traditions but focus on our personal connections with Jesus and Mary.  Very friendly, services were OK and  involved some singing and a period of meditation. If you are uncomfortable with the whole communion thing you might want to pass otherwise it is worth checking out. Might attend one of their weekly lectures or movies.

The Churches listed below are gay friendly but I have not attended and only list them for reference. Try them all out until you find one you like.